Martial Arts Competition Team

Competition is never a requirement, but for the dedicated few who wish to pit their skills against opponents on the mat or inside the cage, we have the Killerbees Competition Team. Our Killerbees competition team consists of high-level adults and kids with notable success in International, Pan Pacific, National and State levels. 

Competitions offer kids the opportunity to grow physically and mentally in the art, whilst also teaching them invaluable life skills. When you feel your child is ready to compete, approach us about joining the competition team. 

The Muay Thai Competition Team (aka fight team) receives world-class training from Mike Giroux. Our fight team practices are physically and mentally demanding and include: sparring and clinching, intense sport-specific conditioning exercises, advanced technical development, and drilling

Members of this elite team train as if they are preparing for a Muay That fight. While fighting in the ring is not a requirement of joining the team, many of the members have competed or have aspirations of competing in Muay Thai.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition Team members regularly participate in tournaments. Killerbees Martial Arts Center offers exclusive training sessions for members on the team specially geared toward the sport of BJJ and builds strategies that win competitions.

We also tap into the wide network of martial arts schools and invite outside students to participate in our competition training sessions and open mats. This provides our students with the opportunity to further hone their skills by giving them the option of training with a variety of different people.

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